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Academic Program


Master of Science Degree:

Full-time graduate students

The Master of Science (M.S.) degree program for full-time students consists of a thirty-credit hour research-oriented program that includes twenty-four hours of coursework and six hours of thesis research. The M.S. program focuses on two areas – Manufacturing Management, and System & Decision Management. The Manufacturing Management Track consists of four subareas including Manufacturing system, Manufacturing engineering, Production management, and CAD/CAM. The System & Decision Management consists of four subareas including Applied statistics, Mathematical programming, Stochastic models, and System & Service Management. Students can choose either the Manufacturing Management track, or the System & Decision Management track based on their preference. Students from a specific track must take three courses or more from at least two subareas in that track, one course from the other track, and one course from the common courses. The additional nine hours of coursework make up of approved electives. Teaching assistantship is available for all full-time graduate students, and research assistantships supported by the National Science Council, governmental agencies and local industries are available to qualified students.

Part-time graduate students (Evening Master’s degree)

The Master’s degree program for part-time students consists of a thirty-three credit hour application-oriented program. The coursework includes twelve hours of four core courses - “Advanced Quality Control”, “Advanced Production Control”, “Simulation”, and “Experimental Design”, fifteen-credit hours of electives, and six-credit hours of thesis research. The thesis is highly recommended to be application-oriented, and the problem to study should be strongly related to the current job duty of each individual student.

Doctor of Philosophy Degree:

The Ph.D program consists of thirty-credit hours beyond the M.S. degree, exclusive of credits for the dissertation. The coursework includes twelve hours of four core courses in “Experimental Design”, “Simulation”, “Mathematical Programming I”, and “Probabilistic Analysis”, eighteen-credit hours of electives with the advisor’s approval, and two non-credit courses of “Research Methodology” and “Technical Writing in English”. Each doctoral student must pass a preliminary, a qualifying and the dissertation defense. A journal paper and a conference paper from the dissertation must be accepted from an international journal and a domestic (or an international) conference before the dissertation defense.