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2424ASupply Chain Management & Scheduling Optimization LabWu, Gen-Han2424
2428Machine Vision LabTsai, Du-Ming2428
2504Computerized Facility Planning and Simulation LabJen, Hen-Yi;
Hu, Michael Huang-Der
2505WWW/AI/OR LabChung, Yun-Kung2505
2506E-enterprise and Production Management LabTsai, Chieh-Yuan;
Tsai, Chi-Yang
2519Statistical Data Analysis & Quality Design LabLin, Chen-Ju;
Chen, Yun-Shiow
2520Simulation Optimization and Advanced Resource Planning LabHuang, Hao2520
2521Decision Analysis LabChen, Yee-Ming2521
2521Decision Analysis LabLee, Chieh2521
2524,2424Quality control & Precision Measurement LabCheng, Chuen-Sheng2524,2424
2525Global Logistics and Innovative Optimization LabTing, Ching-Jung;
Liang, Yun-Chia
2526,2523VR/AI/Gerontechnology LabSun, Tien-Lung2526
2526,2523Computer-Integrated Manufacturing System LabTseng, Yuan-Jye2526
2607Human Factors & Design LabLin, Ray F.;
Chou, Chin-Mei
2622Intelligent Informations System LabSu, Chuan-Jun2622
2624ABusiness Excellence & Service Management LabChen, Chi-Kuang2624