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Rules & Regulations

Office of Academic Affairs Registration, Extended Five-Year Program, Course Selection, Summer Session, Graduation Exam., Student Recruitment, Classroom Arrangement, Grade Documentation, Support Teaching, Quality Assurance System for Teaching and Learning,...
Office of Students Affairs Office of Student Affairs - The office of Student Affairs integrates the function of the other four sections, controlling the annual budgets and handling the students’ complaints and meetings
Counseling & Career Section - This section is responsible for individual or group psychological counseling and testing. Career advisory & Occupation service are also included.
Sanitary & Health Care Section - This section is provides health care for YZU students, teachers, and staff.
Life Counseling Section - This section is for YZU students in all directions of campus life, such as housing, scholarships, sick leave, and military matters.
Extracurricular Activities Section - This section offers all sorts of help for YZU student clubs, and provides students a health way of connecting to the others and society.
Office of General Affairs Dormitories, Sites, Facilities,...
Office of R & D International Cooperation & Research, Students’ international vist,...
Library & Information Services Policy of books and media application, Network setting,...
Secretariat Office Comprehensive rules and regulations
Personnel Office Employ, Merit System, Insurance,...
Physical Education Office Equipments, Sports Grounds,...
Office of International Affairs Internationalization is one of the strategic plans of YZU’s long-term development.
International Language & Culture Center The Center is structured academically into three divisions: Foreign Languages program, Chinese Language Program, and Culture/International Student Services program.