The research results of Huang, Hao Assistant Professor are follows :

A.    Journal Papers
1.    Yuankun Li;Hao Huang;Zelda B. Zabinsky;Shan Liu,Optimizing Implementation of Hepatitis C Birth-Cohort Screening and Treatment Strategies,MDM Policy & Practice, Vol. 2, pp 2381468316686795~2381468316686795 ( 2017/01 )

B.    Conference Papers
1.    Hao Huang, A Simulation Optimization Framework Combining Probabilistic Branch and Bound with Metaheuristic Algorithms, 2018 INFORMS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, Taiwan(2018/06/17)

2.    Hao Huang, Analyzing the Spread and Vaccination Policies of Seasonal Influenza at Taiwan Using Agent-based Simulation, The 4th East Asia Workshop on Industrial Engineering, Japan(2017/11/02)

3.    Hao Huang, Modeling and Analyzing Seasonal Influenza Spread and Policy Design for Taiwan with Agent Based Simulation, 2018 INFORMS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, Taiwan(2018/06/17)

4.    David Linz;Hao Huang;Zelda Zabinsky, Multi-Fidelity Simulation Optimization with Level Set Approximation Using Probabilistic Branch and Bound, Winter Simulation Conference 2017, U.S.A.(2017/12/03)

5.    Hao Huang, The Computational Benefit of Level Set Approximation for Multi-Fidelity Simulation Optimization Problems, 2017第十三屆台灣作業研究學會年會暨學術研討會(ORSTW 2017), Taiwan(2017/10/14)

6.    David Linz;Hao Huang;Zelda Zabinsky,A Quantile-based Nested Partition Algorithm for Black-box Functions on a Continuous Domain,Winter Simulation Conference 2016,U.S.A. ( 2016/12/11 )