Dedicated Facilities

Different types of classrooms are built in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management to support the best teaching environment

Interaction Classroom

This classroom, organized with arc-shaped tables, provides a unique, innovative, interactive teaching environment. The speaker can use the central console in the middle of the classroom to give a lecture, which is convenient for the speaker and the students to discuss from multiple angles. The arc-shaped design of this classroom also makes it easier for students to learn and stimulate innovative thinking. The hardware includes a 55-inch ultra-thin embedded display, a digital camera, a multimedia integrated system, and an electronic interactive whiteboard.

Multifunctional Classroom

To provide better teaching, lectures, and a seminar environment for a large number of students, we design this classroom as a lecture hall. A 150-inch projection screen is installed in front of the classroom, while two 55-inch monitors are added in the middle. At the same time, considering the need for online teaching, the front and rear remote cameras are installed in the classroom. The rear camera lets online students see the teaching detail in the physical classroom, and the front camera enables the teacher to know the student's reactions to the class.

Information Technology Classroom

This classroom provides 36 dedicated computers. Each computer is equipped with software commonly used in industrial engineering and management, which is convenient for students to learn and use. In addition to two large projectors in the front of the classroom, a computer broadcasting system is provided to broadcast the teacher's screen to each student's screen. This makes students can see the teaching materials and operation steps more clearly. Considering the need for online teaching, the classroom is equipped with remote cameras to enhance the interactive effect of online courses.

Study Lounge

This lounge is reserved exclusively for Industrial Engineering and Management students to study, read, or hang out between classes or any other time of the day.