Note: The following regulations is applicable for the students enrolled in the academic year 2022/2023. For other academic years, please refer to the one in the right sidebar.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 33 credit hours are required for graduation, which includes 3 credit hours for compulsory course, 24 credit hours for elective courses and 6 credit hours for dissertation. Graduate student must complete the Academic Research Ethics Education Course according to the regulations of Yuan Ze University Academic Research Ethics Education Course Implementation Highlights, before the end of the first academic semester. At the latest, the course must be completed and passed before the Advanced Examination application. The student will not be allowed to proceed the Advanced Examination without completing the Academic Research Ethics Education Course completion. Course requirement details are as follows:

  1. Compulsory course (3 credit hours): ”IE608 Technological English” 3 credit hours – The student whose English examination result reaches the following criteria may apply for remittal.
  2. Test Name Level
    Cambridge Main Suite First Certificate in English (FCE)
    BULATS ALTE Level 3 (60-74)
    FLPT: Written Total Score 195-239
    FLPT: Oral S-2+
    CEP B2 Vantage
    TOEFL: Written 543
    TOEIC 785
    TOEIC: Speaking and Writing Tests 310
    CSEPT: 2nd Level 240-360
    IELTS 5.5
    ILTEA B2
  3. Elective courses (24 credit hours): The student can select up to 3 graduate courses from other departments at YZU to count toward graduation course requirements (3 of the 8) with the approvals of the dissertation adviser and the IEM Chair.

Mandatory Elective – Chinese (1 academic year, 4 credits)

A minimum of 4 credit hours of Chinese language courses are required for graduation. The 4 credit hours can be waived by the TOCFL Level 1 or above certificate, or equivalent (including listening, reading, speaking, and writing). For the student who received a master's degree from IEM of YZU, he/she can either take 4 credit hours of Chinese language courses or get a credit waiver via previously not used TOCFL L1, above, or equivalent.

Fundamental Qualifying Examination

  1. Graduate students are required to complete four out of the following five courses (taken in undergraduate or master perio1d can be counted) in order to pass the Fundamental Qualifying Exam. The corresponding substitutes are also listed below:
  2. Fundamental Qualifying Course Name (Undergraduate Level) Substitute Course Name (Graduate Level)
    Production Planning and Control (I) Advanced Production Planning and Control
    Quality Control (with lab) Advanced Quality Control
    Engineering Statistics Experimental Design
    Operations Research Mathematical Programming (I)
    Facilities Planning (with lab) Advanced Facility Planning
  3. The abovementioned substitute courses can be counted toward the elective courses requirement if they are taken while studying during the IEM PhD program.
  4. The "Dissertation Adviser Agreement" must be completed and turned in after passing the Fundamental Qualifying Exam signed by the dissertation adviser.

Advanced Examination

Student is required to complete the Fundamental Qualifying Examination and the course requirements before applying for the Advanced Examination. The Advanced Examination related rules are as follows:

  1. PhD Graduate students should complete the Advanced Examination within the first 4 academic years (not including temporary leaves).
  2. Prior to the Advanced Examination, the student must turn in the Application Form of the PhD Advanced Examination.
  3. In accordance with the specialty and requests of dissertation committee members, the examination may be conducted in written, oral or both formats. The committee must be comprised of a minimum of three members (include the dissertation advisor), at least 1/3 of which should be associate (or above level) professor.
  4. Upon completions of the Fundamental Qualifying Examination and Advanced Examination, the student becomes a PhD candidate.

Dissertation Proposal Defense

Three months after passing the Advanced Examination, the PhD candidate can apply for the Dissertation Proposal Defense and form the dissertation committee comprising at least 5 members (including dissertation advisor) from in and outside of YZU with 1/3 or above from each. The related rules are as follows:

  1. The committee members from the IEM department shall be the same as in the Advanced Exam. If any changes are needed, the PhD candidate must apply and obtain the committee agreement with IEM approval.
  2. The committee is responsible for conducting oral examination with respect to the proposal. A written examination of a specialized subject related to the proposed research may be requested by the committee.
  3. Prior to the Proposal Defense, the PhD candidate must turn in ”Dissertation Proposal Check List”, ”Dissertation Advisor’s Recommendation” and ”Dissertation Proposal Form”. The student must turn in ”Dissertation Proposal Approval Form” after passing the Dissertation Proposal Defense.

Dissertation Defense

Dissertation Defense can only be applied after three months of the Dissertation Proposal Defense and the completion of publication requirements. The related rules and regulations are as follows:

  1. Two or more articles must be published in renowned journals, with at least one in SSCI/SCI class journals or two in EI class journals. The published articles must originate from and directed related to the dissertation and must be accepted with proven acceptance letters to satisfy publication requirements. Other than student’s dissertation adviser, the student needs to be the first author of the published articles. If the following situations occur, the number of papers will be counted differently:
    i. Articles with author(s) who is (are) not the student’s committee member(s): can only be counted as one-half paper.
    ii. Articles with authors of other students: can only be counted as one-half paper.
    iii. Articles with both cases i.) and ii.): can only be counted as one-fourth paper.
  2. One or more conference papers are published in domestic or international conference proceedings and presented in international conference.
  3. Committee members should be the same for both the Dissertation Proposal Defense and the Dissertation Defense. If not, the student must apply and obtain the committee agreement with IEM approval.
  4. Prior to the Dissertation Defense, the PhD candidate must turn in the "Dissertation Defense Check List." After the Dissertation Defense, the "Final Defense Grading Report" and the "Dissertation Defense Report Form" must be turned in to the IEM office.

Tentative Course offering

Course ID Course Name & Title Credits
IE503 Simulation 3
IE505 Stochastic Processes (I) 3
IE507 Mathematical Programming (I) 3
IE517 Inventory Systems and Control 3
IE533 Probabilistic Analysis 3
IE538 Experimental Design and Applications 3
IE555 Group Decision Making 3
IE561 Statistical Methods and Data Analysis 3
IE562 3D Visual Simulation and Virtual Reality 3
IE576 Global Logistics Management 3
IE579 Transportation Management 3
IE581 Service System Design 3
IE590 Machine Vision 3
IE599 Data Mining 3
IE602 The Operational Models of E-Enterprise 3
IE604 Enterprise Resources Planning 3
IE607 Heuristic Optimization 3
IE609 The Management of Enterprise Digitization 3
IE610 Mobile Commerce 3
IE614 Data Pattern Recognition and Classification 3
IE619 Design and Construction of Virtual Reality Systems 3
IE622 Managing for Business Excellence 3
IE622 Managing for Business Excellence 3
IE624 Usability Engineering 3
IE625 Big Data Analytics 3

Note: 1. Other courses taught in Chinese are available at your own discretion (list available on YZU website). You may discuss with the professor for possible lecturing in English which must be based on his/her final decision. 2. You are responsible to plan ahead base on courses’ availability at different semesters and their corresponding prerequisites. 3. Courses listed above are generally offered in the span of 2 years, and subject to change without further notice. 4. For those graduate students who shall complete Academic Research Ethics Education Course before the end of their first academic semester, they must follow the regulations of Yuan Ze University Academic Research Ethics Education Course Implementation Highlights. The latest deadline for them shall be their course completions and then their applications towards the degree’s oral exam.