Where should I apply for the TaiwanICDF scholarship?
Please enter and submit an application on the TaiwanICDF Scholarship Online Application System.
I am currently studying in another program in another country, can I apply for and receive the TaiwanICDF Scholarship?
No. The TaiwanICDF scholarship is exclusively for students at the partner schools/programs within TICA.
If I receive admission to the university I applied to, does that mean that I have also received the TaiwanICDF scholarship?
No. Receiving admission from the university does not necessarily mean that the applicant has also been given a TaiwanICDF scholarship. Only applicants who receive an acceptance letter issued by the TaiwanICDF will be recipients of the scholarship.
Am I allowed to have a part-time job?
Yes. You may have a part-time job within the scope of employment law in Taiwan. For more information, please click here.
Can I work in Taiwan after graduation?
Yes. For more information, please click here.
Can I apply for more than one program at the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA) universities?
No. You can only apply for one program at one TICA university each year.
Can I change my program during the application process?
No. Once you submit the application, changing your program will not be possible.
Can I apply for a bachelor’s program even if my country has no diplomatic relationship with Taiwan (not a diplomatic ally)?
Bachelor's programs can only be applied for by Applicants from diplomatic ally countries; applicants not from diplomatic ally countries are welcome to apply for Master's and Ph.D. programs.
My country is on the list of eligible countries, but there is no ROC (Taiwan) Embassy / Consulate General / Representative Office here. Where can I send my documents to?
Please send your documents to the nearest ROC (Taiwan) Embassy / Consulate General / Representative Office in charge. Click here to find out more information about ROC embassies and missions abroad.
Is there an age limit for application?
No. We will evaluate applicants from an overall perspective rather than accept or reject them based on one single quality. All applicants’ positive features will be valued and taken into careful consideration.
After I have been accepted by the TaiwanICDF scholarship, can I change my program to another program that is also part of the TICA?
No. Should you decide to do so, your scholarship will be cancelled.
I am already studying in Taiwan. Can I switch to a TICA partner school/program to receive a scholarship?
You will need to start from the beginning of the application.
Can I also be sponsored by another scholarship that is funded by the Taiwan government while I am already a TaiwanICDF scholarship recipient?
No. If you have already been accepted as a TaiwanICDF scholarship recipient, you may neither apply nor accept another Taiwan agency-financed scholarship.
Can I apply for a scholarship again right after I graduate from a TICA program?
No. There must be at least a one-year gap before your next application for a TaiwanICDF scholarship.
Visualization for the TaiwanICDF Scholarship Application Procedure
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