Staff of Industrial Engineering and Management

Photo Name Primary Serivce Contact
Hsieh, Emily Administrative Manager Office: 2503R
Ext.: 2519
Lee, Chia-Pei Academic Coordinator Office: 2503R
Ext.: 2501
Lee, Zoe Business Coordinator Office: 2503R
Ext.: 2502
Shen, Yung-shin Facility Manager Office: 2503R
Ext.: 2531
Chao, Tsui-Chiao IT Coordinator, Network Management, Web Page Management, Purchasing Management, Laboratory Management, Interim Assignment Office: 2503R
Ext.: 2500
Wang, Peggy TawanICDF Scholarship Project Manager Office: 2519R
Ext.: 2530
Wen, Wen-Han Counsels the Teacher Office: 8204R
Ext.: 2874