Labortory Overview

There are many areas of interest and applications in which the research efforts of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management support
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Machine Vision Lab

The main focus of the Machine Vision Lab is to develop machine vision methodologies and systems for industrial applications, especially defect inspection in electronic manufacturing industries such as PCBs (Printed-Circuit Boards), LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays), and semi-conductor. The lab has developed spatial- and spectral-based MV algorithms and deep-learning techniques for defect classification, defect segmentation, anomaly detection, and object positioning. They have also been implemented in a variety of industries.

Leader: Dr. Tsai, Du-Ming & Dr. Chen, Chia-Cheng

Location: 2428 Room

Ext.: 2428

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Computerized Facility Planning and Simulation Lab

The primary research of this laboratory includes 1. Utilize computer simulation, AI, and optimization to assist industries in achieving smart production, cyber-physical system, and digital twins; 2. Explore the issues of site location and facilities.

Leader: Dr. Jen, Hen-Yi & Dr. Huang, Hao

Location: 2504 Room

Ext.: 2504

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Supply Chain Management & Scheduling Optimization Lab

The leading research of this laboratory includes production plan and scheduling, intelligent manufacturing, swarm intelligence algorithms, supply chain optimization, and operations research application.

Leader: Dr. Wu, Gen-Han

Location: 2505 Room

Ext.: 2505

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E-enterprise & Production Management Lab

The primary research of this laboratory includes 1. Utilize data mining, machine learning, big data analysis, and web technology to assist industries in achieving digitalization and virtualization; 2. Study subjects related to production management and supply chain management, such as job scheduling and inventory control optimization.

Leader: Dr. Tsai, Chieh-Yuan & Dr. Tsai, Chi-Yang

Location: 2506 Room

Ext.: 2506

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Statistical Data Analysis & Quality Design Lab

This lab focuses on developing theories and methods for improving quality and productivity. The research fields include statistical process control, supplier selection, reliability engineering, process mining, artificial intelligence, and system simulation. Statistical-related techniques are used to achieve the goal of process improvement.

Leader: Dr. Lin, Chen-Ju

Location: 2519 Room

Ext.: 2519

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Quality control & Precision Measurement Lab

This laboratory focuses on the teaching and research of applying quality concepts and techniques. The goal is to use the principles and technologies of quality in industries such as electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductors, automobiles, and service industries to improve and enhance the quality of products and processes. The main techniques used are statistical methods, measurement system analysis, control charts, design of experiments, and machine learning methods.

Leader: Dr. Chen, Pei-Wen & Dr. Rran, Mei-Xin

Location: 2524 Room & 2424 Room

Ext.: 2524 & 2424

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Global Logistics and Innovative Optimization Lab

Global Logistics and Innovative Optimization Lab's research interests mainly revolve around designing, developing, and applying optimization algorithms in global logistics, supply chain management, vehicle routing, container terminal operations, production scheduling, warehousing operations, image processing, reliability system design, portfolio optimization, resource allocation, big data analysis, AI model hyperparameter optimization, performance evaluation, etc.

Leader: Dr. Ting, Ching-Jung & Dr. Liang, Yun-Chia

Location: 2525 Room

Ext.: 2525

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AI Industrial Application Lab

The main research of this laboratory includes 1. Intelligent Manufacturing; 2. Intelligent Elderly Care; 3. AI/ML/DL; 4. RL-based Autonomous Mobile Robot.

Leader: Dr. Sun, Tien-Lung

Location: 2523 Room & 2526 Room

Ext.: 2526

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Human Factors & Design Lab

The main focuses of this laboratory include 1. Intelligent Ambient Lighting – Study various situations and user needs to create different lighting environments that boost perceived experience. 2. Smart Human Factors Interaction – Combining AI with Human Factors experimental research to understand and predict user behaviors and status. 3. Computer-aided diagnosis – Using AI and quantitative analyses to assist medical services and student tutoring.

Leader: Dr. Lin, Ray F. & Dr. Chou, Chin-Mei

Location: 2607 Room & 2520 Room

Ext.: 2607 & 2520

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Sustainable Business Excellence and Service Sciences Lab

The laboratory research areas include 1. Business excellence management; 2. Total quality management; 3. Service system management; 4. Business process reengineering; 5. Behavioral decision analysis; 6. Group decision analysis.

Leader: Dr. Chen, Yu-Tzu

Location: 2624A Room

Ext.: 2624

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Computer-Integrated Manufacturing System Lab

Leader: Dr. Tseng, Yuan-Jye

Location: 2523 Room & 2526 Room

Ext.: 2526